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Efficiencies and Synergies

economy of scale - revenue increase

Customer Service
Typical dental practice provides customer service during working hours based on its front desk
administrative personal.
Roligo Dental adds to the exiting customer support at the dental practice levelĀ  a second layer of call center with trained employees with full access to practices management software.

One Stop Shop
A typical dental practitioner refers his complex cases to specialists or invites specialists to his own practice.
Roligo Dental utilizes its in-house specialist and does not refer patients. By doing so, the same volume of patients generates significant higher income and higher profitability to the DSO.

Operational Efficiency
Transfer of non-clinical operations to centric operation at the DSO level leads to operational efficiency and reduced cost of purchasing, accounting, marketing and HR.

Economy Of Scale- Revenue Increase
Typical dental practices usually do not engage in proactive marketing initiatives. Patient enrollment is usually based on proximity to the clinic or recommendations from friends and family.
Roligo Dental centralized marketing efforts has a proactive multi brand marketing strategy that approach additional target groups focused on the more profitable treatments.

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